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Naming of Golf Holes

Do you have any comment about naming of golf holes? Some courses have done so - and when playing such a course I sometimes wonder "What criteria was used in coming up with a golf hole name - and, who decides what the name should be"?

Is another part of this matter: Does a golf course "deserve" to have a "right" to name its holes? Is the course worthy of doing that? Or, for that matter: Is there any purpose of having names for a golf hole?

Well, to me, it is purely a matter of "fun".

So, now that North Ridge Country Club is more than 40-years old... perhaps, if age is deemed part of any golf-hole-naming criteria, what are some names of golf holes at North Ridge you might recommend?

In 1997 I came up with some names; many of which are shown below - just to get things started. Votes are starting to come in, now, - and, names shown are "current leading in votes" as of June 12, 2011. For ties: I (the site Webmaster) make the final decision of names! The individual golf hole Web page linked-to below shows the names/votes that have come in.

Note: Clicking on "Current Hole Name" will present you with a Web page for voting for that particular golf hole.
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Hole Number Oaks
Current Hole Name
Hole Name
Oaks   Lakes
Oak Range
Oaks   Lakes
Straight Power Line
Oaks   Lakes
Chute Silvery Willows
Oaks   Lakes
Long Left Creek
Oaks   Lakes
Gully Trap
Oaks   Lakes
Left Geese
Oaks   Lakes
Don't Go Right Up the Hill
Oaks   Lakes
Creek and Pond White House
Oaks   Lakes
Watery Grave Halfway
Oaks   Lakes
Left Hill Windy
Oaks   Lakes
Long and Straight Illusion
Oaks   Lakes
Tree Gone Gene Hamm
Oaks   Lakes
Desperation Lake
Oaks   Lakes
Tough Birdie Perfection
Oaks   Lakes
Dogwood Peninsula
Oaks   Lakes
Take Four Big Bertha
Oaks   Lakes
Fran Second Chance
Oaks   Lakes
Left to Home Straight Home

If you have any recommendations for golf hole names at North Ridge CC: Thank you, in advance for a comeback.

Important!: This is for our interest only - this golf-hole-naming is not formally connected to the official North Ridge CC functions or to their Website.

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