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This is simply a "historical saving's place" for Shots of the Day from SGA Tuesdays.

  • Tuesday September 21, 2021

    Bill Mebane: Out-of 17th Oaks "Church Pews" Bunker Shot and Made-Birdie, Oaks #17 Par 4.

    Bill played great all day. His last hole of the round (Shotgun Start) was special... His drive was a slight pull into the Oaks' 17th fairway-corner Church Pews bunker. His lie was OK and he was back far enough from the front-of-the-bunker high-edge - and, he took advantage of that: Hitting a wonderful 115-yd uphill bunker-to-green iron, ending ten feet from the pin, a bit uphill right-to-left putt. Drained it! Birdie. Ended with a 75 on the Oaks this day - a fine round and it was a pleasure to watch/listen-to-his-shot-making.

    I was told of another "Shot of the Day" as part of the day's action: Bill Hodges had an Eagle Two on the Oaks' Par-4 10th hole. Well done! If Bill Hodges and I catch up with each other someday I will add some further details about the shot/etc.

  • Tuesday October 29, 2019

    Bob Smith: Recovery Shot after Missed Drive, Oaks #12 Par 4.

    Bob's shot this day deserves a plaque/brick in the ground from where he hit his second shot. I witnessed it and I definitely question whether I could ever see it come about again. A true "Shot of the Day".
    12th Tee
    12th Second Shot
    12th Birdie Success!

    Bob had driven off-the-tee beautifully all day -- however, on Oaks 12th he "jerked" his drive short-left, leaving him short of the corner (Even though the corner has been cleared a bit as a result of the 2019 Oaks Renovation; he was blocked and could not see the green). Bob told me later that the shot GPSed 205yds -- however, I am sure the path the shot had to take was around 230yds. The group ahead of our group was on the green and, after their carts headed to the 13th we signaled Bob that the green area was clear. He hit his shot toward the right-side near-the-green trees, told the shot to go right to left -- and the shot did so: Ending up on the green 8 feet from the pin! What a shot. To cement the shot being a "Shot of the Day": He made the putt - center. If you ever play with Bob on Oaks 12th, ask him to show you where his second shot started -- and, give it a try. The spot deserves a plaque.... I am glad I could witness it! Thank you, Bob, for showing me how it is done.

  • Tuesday October 10, 2017

    Dennis Philips: Closest to the pin, Lakes #11 Par 3. Back-of-the-green pin placement; about 175 yds and two feet from the pin. I did not see the shot - but, it must have been a great-looking tee shot.

    Buddy Murray: Third Shot on Lakes #10 Par 5. Buddy "ticked the tree" with his drive and was in the right-side short ruff after the drive. He hit a well-struck hybrid to the left fairway ruff, direction of the now-very-mature Oak that is a great "aiming tree" for Lakes #10 (I am so happy that the club replaced the original tree when it was "struck down" years ago... I am sure that I have photos of both the "gone" and the "current" aiming trees...). Anyway - Buddy was faced with an in-the-ruff-downhill lie 180 yds to the green (Lakes #10) with the pin in the upper-back level (greenside back bunkers are, of course, ALWAYS in-play on Lakes #10 when the pin is back). He hit another hybrid perfectly, stayed "on the green" a bit long and "two putted" for his well-earned par following his slightly-missed tee shot. A true "Shot of the Day".

  • Tuesday October 15, 2013

    Tom Yancey: Lakes #14 Par 4 and Lakes #12 Par 4 - Wow. I played with Tom on this day and he hit two terrific bunker shots. We started on the Lakes 14th hole and he pushed his opening drive slightly right - long - catching the last part of the right-side fairway bunkers. Having little chance to hit the green (so I thought) as he was located just short of the edge of the bunker, Tom hit a perfect shot onto the green 9.5 feet left of the pin. A terrific first-non-drive-shot of the day. Later, on the 12th Lakes, Tom duplicated a similar-situation shot from the left-side bunker. Again, just short of the edge of the bunker, he hit the green this time 11.25 feet from the pin. Two terrific golf shots.

  • Tuesday April 9, 2013

    Dave Shogren: Oaks #13 Par 3 - OK! I have finally gotten my handicap up to where I have a stroke on Par-3s. Today: The pin is 140 yards from the tee. I took my 145-yard club (Hogan Apex 5-iron, mid-70s version) and hit it 145 yards: Just past the back-pin onto the fringe. Left the pin in. Drained the putt. Net-1. Finally. Went well with my six double-bogies today. It seems that I will continue to get a stroke on par-3s.

  • Tuesday October 18, 2011

    Al Spicer. Al's last two holes were Lakes 16 and Lakes 17. Both holes were fine pars. On 16, his tee shot was just short of the green and he made a very nice approach shot and the resultant uphill par putt was in the middle of the cup. On Lakes 17, he pulled his drive slightly left into the rough and made a good recovery shot to the middle of the fairway 108 yards to the green - with a back pin facing him. He hit a perfect wedge 2' 5" from the cup and had an "easy" par putt to end the day with two solid pars.

  • Tuesday June 28, 2011

    Don Lynch. Lakes Par-4 8th. Don pushed his 3-wood drive just to the right of the right-side fairway trap - staying in-bounds. Did the tree bother Don? No! He hit a 5-iron under the tree(s) onto the green and two putted for his net-3. Later on, on the 10th hole Lakes he hit a nice drive and second shot to leave about 110-yards to the front-ish pin. Don's third shot hit the green - but, rolled across the green into the back trap with a downhill lie facing him. Did this bother Don? No! He ignored the downhill-in-the-trap situation, hit a sterling shot to 10-feet from the cup and drained the putt for another net-birdie. I could have selected his earlier play on Lakes 5 as shot(s) of the day..... Don's drive was just short of the creek with a downhill lie. Don hit a terrific iron to just short-left of the 5th green and proceeded to hit a wedge to 9 feet from the pin and one-putted for a net two. Don also had a net two on Lakes 6 and 7. A nice round, today!

  • Tuesday June 7, 2011

    Karol Rochelson. Oaks Par-4 7th. Karol hit his usual down-the-middle drive and followed that with a beautiful 140-yard shot to the green. The difficult on-a-mound pin was no problem for Karol: A two putt gave him a net eagle! Karol's partner for the day was Willis Hedgepeth and Willis' sterling par-4 was net birdie. Willis' drive was a little left and his second shot was over the fairway bunker AND over the greenside bunker resulting in a two-putt 4. I wish we were playing best-two-of-four this day.

  • Tuesday May 24, 2011

    Dave Shogren. Oaks Par-5 18th. Dave will not mention the other 17.75 holes; he played terribly today. On Oaks 18th, his final shot FINALLY produced some results. His drive was just OK, short of the right-hand fairway trap. Second shot had to be left-side and he did that, past the corner - just - with about 160 to the mid-level pin. As the shot is uphill, Dave hit a nice 170-yard iron shot to gimmee distance for a birdie/net eagle. Why can't he do this type of thing more often? Answer: His swing is not good enough.

  • Tuesday May 3, 2011

    Jerry Ettinger. Oaks Par-2 9th. Jerry is our first two-time Shot of the Day winner. Today, he played a wonderful bunker shot for an up-and-down net birdie on Oaks 9. The pin was far-right and Jerry was in the middle-back trap a LONG way from the pin. His sand wedge shot ended up three feet away from the cup and his putt was right in the middle.

  • Tuesday March 22, 2011

    Don Lynch. Lakes Par-5 4th. Don had a very nice drive down the left-center of the fairway past the 4th-fairway-mound. A slightly pushed second shot left a difficult over-the-trap third shot: Result? One foot short of making it over the trap to the green - and, the ball entered the trap as a fried-egg lie! Now, faced with a quite long bunker shot to the pin: Don hit it out of the trap stiff-to-the-pin! Net birdie. Well done. If Don's partner had played average today.... Oh, well, there are other SGA Tuesdays. A beautiful day, though!

  • Tuesday October 19, 2010

    John Wenhart. Oaks Par-5 18th. John placed his well-struck drive directly into the middle of the fairway just short of the right-side first set of fairway traps. After he slightly pushed his second shot, he was blocked from "around the corner" and placed his third shot perfectly 50 yards short of the front pin. His fourth shot went onto the green - and, into the hole for four; a net eagle! Well done.

  • Tuesday October 12, 2010

    Jim Hickman. Lakes Par-4 7th. Although a par-4, Lakes #7 plays, for many of us, as a par-5. Jim, playing from the Blue tee, hit a wonderful down-the-middle-of-the-fairway drive, leaving an uphill 178-yard second shot to a back pin. His hit-perfectly iron shot was just over the green and past the fringe in the rough. A perfectly-struck sandwedge just past the pin led to an "easy" one-putt par 4. A great par on a beautiful day.

    Jim Hickman's Second Shot, Uphill 178 Yards - A "Shot of the Day"

  • Tuesday October 5, 2010

    Jerry Ettinger. Oaks Par-5 11th. Jerry was on the upward slope, in the rough on the right side of the fairway and just short of the trap past the creek. He hit a terrific 133-yard shot to the back fringe of the green, 14.5 feet from the back pin. He hit the middle of the cup for a net three.

  • Tuesday September 21, 2010

    Dean DeMasi. Hit a beautiful 143 yard shot across the pond to the Oaks #8 green - 12 feet 4 inches to the hole. Drained the putt for a net one.

  • Tuesday April 13, 2010

    Dave Mazo. 12th Hole Lakes. Dave pulled his drive left, ending up short of the first trap and slightly blocked by the left-side trees. 188 yards from the green. Dave hit a perfect draw shot that landed just ten yards short of the green, rolling to the middle of the green setting up a sure two putt (he did so!).

  • Tuesday March 30, 2010

    Willis Hedgepeth. Oaks 9th Hole. Willis hit a nice drive, middle of the fairway, about 50 yards short of the water. The pin was middle-back right. Willis is 166 yards from the pin and with no hesitation hit over the water, to the green, ending up five feet from the pin. Drained the putt for a birdie-3. Definitely, any of his shots could have been Shot of the Day! One of our 3-some (yes, me...) had a perfect drive and after two balls in the water had a smooth 9 on this par-4. I was happy to see Willis's shot and know how to play the hole. Someday....

  • Tuesday March 9, 2010

    Ed Utley. Oaks 3rd Hole. Ed hit a beautiful tee shot just over the left bunker that rolled slightly downhill to six feet from the pin. Don Lynch was his partner and Don hit a wonderful second shot, over the bunker, to the green from the right-side area. Don drained his putt for a par/net two. Ed? He hit it right in the middle of the cup for a birdie/net one. I made a 35-footer for a birdie/net two. Ed's "one" wins shot of the day - but, our foursome had a fine hole!

  • Tuesday February 23, 2010

    Norm Chambers. Oaks 15. Norm hit his tee shot 36 feet PAST the pin on this don't-be-long-with-a-front-pin-placement green. He hit a perfect putt to gimmee distance. Someday I will do this....

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