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Prestonwood Fairways Course - June 28 2017

Another gift of perfect-weather day.

I had not "been on" the Prestonwood Fairway Course in many years. here are a number of very fine golf holes on the course (I felt the 14th 380-yd par-4 was especially well-designed and was a classic golf hole).
Still, a fun day on a VERY good golf course. A pleasure.

Lunch was again VERY good; it always has been at Prestonwood and this year was no exception. No Ice cream that I spotted: However, as usual TERRIFIC sweets, at Prestonwood.


You will notice a few times our team's "A" player in the front part of the photo. He hit the ball LONG and exremely well. It was fun to watch.

(Click on any of the smaller photos to see those in a larger-sized image)
After the Round...
June 28, 2017 - At Prestonwood Fairways Course
Clubhouse Viewed from 18th Green Area
Fairways 14th Green Area
Two of Three

Some Photos From Prestonwood Fairways Golf Course - June 28, 2017
(Click on any of the smaller photos to see those in a larger-sized image)
All Tee-yardage shown below are White (Senior) distances.

1st Tee - Par 4 325 yds
1st Second Shot
1st Second Shot - For a Long Hitter!
2nd Tee - Par 3 122 yds
3rd Tee - Par 5 458 yds
3rd Second Shot
3rd Third/Approach Shot
4th Tee - Par 4 398 yds
4th Second Shot
5th Tee - Par 3 169 yds
6th Tee - Par 4 373 yds
6th Second Shot
7th Tee - Par 3 105 yds
8th Tee - Par 4 301 yds
8th Second Shot
9th Tee - Par 4 333 yds
9th Second Shot

10th Tee - Par 5 485 yds
10th Second Shot - 230 yds to Green
10th Third/Approach Shot
11th Tee - Par 4 345 yds
11th Second Shot
11th Green Area
12th Tee - Par 3 136 yds
13th Tee - Par 5 479 yds
13th Second Shot - 250 Yds to Green
13th Third/Approach Shot
14th Tee - Par 4 344 yds
14th Second Shot
14th Green Area
(Cropped image from Second Shot photo)
15th Tee - Par 3 145 yds
15th Green Area
(Cropped image from Tee Shot photo)

16th Tee - Par 4 328 yds
16th Second Shot
17th Tee - Par 4 384 yds
17th Second Shot - 165 yds to Green
17th Green Area
(Cropped image from Second Shot photo)
18th Tee - Par 4 391 yds
18th Second Shot
18th Green Area
(Cropped image from Second Shot photo)

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