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Interclub Photos
McGregor CC - May 15, 2019

Terrific weather; wonderful playing partners -- just, a great day. I putted and chipped/scrambled terribly (again) -- and, yet: I enjoyed the day and look forward to Summer golf coming soon.

A 3:30pm appointment got in the way of staying around for lunch; so, no scoreboard report for this day. If someone reads this and happened to take a photo of the day's scores -- and is willing to share such: Thank you , in advance for sending it to me.

A (VERY) few Photos of the Day

(Click on any of the photos to see the photo in a larger-sized image)

McGregor Clubhouse as Viewed from 9th Fairway Approach Shot
Three Players

Some Just a Few Photos From McGregor Country Club - May 16, 2019

A Typical/Fine McGregor Par-4's Second Shot and Green Area.
If my memory is correct - it is the 2nd hole.
2nd Tee - Par 4 - Second Shot 160 yds
2nd Green Area
(A cropped photo from the Second Shot photo)

A Fine McGregor Par-4.
Forward ("White" Tee
Second Shot
Green Area
(A cropped photo from the Second Shot photo)

A Challenging McGregor Par-3.

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