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Interclub Photos
Croasdaile CC - May 28, 2015

No rain! Blue Skies. Nice!
Even though I three putted three times (even with "in the leather" being good"). I enjoyed the day.

A Few Photos

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Clubhouse and Players Ready

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Interclub at Croasdaile CC - April 28, 2015

Photos From Croasdaile CC - April 28, 2015
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Croasdaile CC - Front Nine
(Well, I missed taking some of the holes. Sorry. Catch 'em, next year!)
1st Tee
4th Tee
5th Tee
5th Green - View from 6th Tee
6th Tee
6th Second Shot Area
6th Approach Area
7th Tee
7th Second Shot Area
7th Approach Area
8th Tee
8th Second Shot Area
9th Tee
9th Second Shot Area

Croasdaile CC - Back Nine
10th Tee
10th Second Shot Area
10th Appproach Area
11th Tee
12th Tee
12th Second Shot Area
12th Approach Shot Area
13th Tee
13th Second Shot Area
13th Third Shot Area
13th Approach Shot Area
14th Tee
15th Tee
15th Second Shot Area
16th Tee
16th Second Shot Area
17th Tee
18th Tee
18th Second Shot Area

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