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(Originally "set up" January, 2010)
Last time this page was modified: June 8, 2024

What are this site's aims?

  • The WTSC User Group is aimed at providing a central site for persons interested in sharing information related to past interactions with Dave Shogren while involved with the IBM WTSC 1976-1998. These interactions may be expanded to the present time if individual participants deem that to be of interest/value.

    If you are not interested in the above, simply leave this site!

Is this site associated with any company or commercial enterprise?

  • Absolutely not. This site is purely for Dave Shogren's benefit and, potentially may be of interest to participants. Will that turn out to be true? No one knows, at this time.

June 8, 2024

Hello! Dave Shogren, here. Yes, I am "still around"!

This site:
About 14 Years, 4 months and 21 days (My "arithmetic" may be wrong!)
2024 is the 14th-plus year of this site that started on Jan. 18, 2010

I hope you are all doing well! As we (Sonja and I) are doing as 2024 moves along. Not much interaction site-wise in the 2020s and so-far-in-2024; however, I still keep it "open": It is serving my purposes and I DO enjoy hearing from a few of you once in awhile. Comments, below have not changed (basically) in years.... Someday I take some time to adjust. For now -

The move of this site off of the "old" hosting site and, now, simply "subset" the site on my personal, scscompa site has seemed to work well and apparently is transparent to you... however, it will remain to be seen how Web Browsers sort this out. We see! In any case --

Wow. I have, once again, mostly neglected this site for, now, 14-plus years! Very little information added to this site in the recent-past years - however, the site serves my purposes and it has been a pleasure to hear from those of you who have responded. Even though little "action", I see via Web "hit" statistics that people are finding this site and, as a result, I keep it going for now.

I recently (early 2024) heard from Roberto Shigueo Suzuki (of Brazil) and Ban Lee of Singapore. Hearing from them "proved" that the Web Browsers are not unhappy with the move I made of the site off of the traditional-server and onto its now-hosted place "subset" on my personal (SCScompA) site. Good! Hearing from Roberto and Ban was a pleasure and I am glad they both are doing well.

In Sept. 2023 I heard from Mark Hartmann of Australia. Mark is "famous" to me (in my memory) as he/I had a discussion about tea/tea bags so many years ago (probably 1977... 46 years ago!... time flies!!) and I remember the discussion often when I fix morning tea for Sonja and myself each current day. Some of you remember that I used to have tea in my IBM office with you/residents/assignees and the "tea breaks" were always welcome. Mark's note triggered a lot of nice thoughts/memories.

"Special Note": I added - January 24, 2022. I had a note from Mike Turin in January 2022. He and I had a brief interaction during January 2022 and Mike has agreed to having his name added to this "site" in the "Others" area. Mike and I never, directly, interacted -- but, I and many other persons "owe" Mike a "Well Done, Mike!" comment at least! So: Well done, Mike! Thank you. I have added (just a start, to see if anyone else finds Mike Turin on this site!!) Mike to the "Others" part of this Website. Browse, etc. that if you are interested.

I hope that you are having a great 2024 and your 2023 was a good one.

From a comment point of view, in August 2015 I commented: (and, the comments are still appropriate; so, why change them....). Seriously, if you are reading this and I know you - give me a shout to let me know how you are doing. Following, is (mostly) from the many years-ago, August 2015, comment.

No reason for neglecting this site: Other than I simply have not heard from anyone in a long time and as a result: I have not been diligent in getting back to the site.

Sometime, perhaps, I will do what I can to head down an "old photograph" path... cleaning out storage areas to see if I can find some photos. I am not sure that I will be very successful in finding any - but, I am (eventually...) giving that a try. If I do find some photos I will alert those of you who are "on" this site - and, likewise, if you come across some photos that you could share: Just send them my way. Either in "hardcopy" (snail-mail) or online. Anything snail-mail sent my way will be returned to you after scanning. Thanks.

Well... I found some photos! Not many. I even remember SOME of the names of those in the photos!! Not bad, eh? - after all these years. I do remember all those shown here - I, just don't remember all the names.

It was fun, looking through the photos. If you have comments or additions, don't hesitate to get back to me when you have time to do so.
1980s - or so 1980s - or so 1990s - or so 1980s - or so 1980s - or so

Don't say that I never "Graduated" from IBM BDP-1 (Pittsburgh, 1968). I should have written down the names of the participants! If you were one of them - it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

1968 1980s - or so

Or, that we did not play golf in (I think... the golf photo is from...) 1979. These players, I do remember them. Well. Nice memories.

Sonja and I are doing well, here in Raleigh and I hope that you-all are doing the same. If you have any news that you want to share with others who view this site: Thank you, in advance, for contacting me. It is always a pleasure to hear from acquaintances. I see (by Web statistics) that people ARE finding the site - and, that was one of the reasons that I started the site. Information and/or photos that you send my way I will, of course, check with you to see if you agree with how I have presented the material on the site.

Have a GREAT 2024! Regards, Dave Shogren

I am putting some names out, below, on this page to see if Search Engines find the names and - perhaps - as a result I hear back from any of the following: Just, for fun! I put the names (below) with no ulterior motive in place! I simply am putting the names as they come to mind as I write this and I will once in awhile (if I remember to do so...) modify the list. Who knows....? Perhaps the Search Engines lead you to here!

Paul Peeters, Robert van Raamsdonk, Karl Rentschler, Winfried Pflug, Dr. Heinz Mertin (or Martin - I don't remember! - of La Gaude and Stuttgart), Harry van der Linden, Didier van der Straten, Barry Nusbaum, Rob Macgregor, Norbert Frost, Lee Ban Kheng (Singapore), Mike Chamberlin, Kohji Mizuya, Jose de Alarcon, Frans Jansen, Guy LeRoy, Alain Peronny, Stefan Uelpenic, Ian MacGregor, Yohichiroh Ishii, Kensho Sugitani, Marc Luong, Pierangelo Guista, Ulrich Schwenk, Regis David, Domenico Morana, Ralph Birch, Manuel Ibarguchi, Regis duPhrene (not sure that I spelled that correctly: Sorry) - and, of course those of you whom I regularly worked with over the years including: Peter Williams, Ib Harmsen and Jason Welchman -- and, now: Some "Others" are coming to the forefront: Mike Turin, Julian Suez (spelling?), Bill Tucker and Mark Hartmann.

and, for the Search Engine's benefit:

WTSC ITSO RISC Assignment Residency Raleigh IBM

Since I started this site in January, 2010 we have heard from ten - with a couple of other "informal" comebacks. I wondered how long it would take to "find" the site. I have noticed "hit counts" over the past few years, now; but, the last time I heard from anyone was the 2020 interaction I had with Walter in July 2020 and, before that: From Gallus (August 2019), Harald (January 2019), Georges P. (also in January 2019) following the earlier notes of September 2015 (Harry), July 2011 (Mark), September 2011 (Pete), September 2011 (Grahmam), October 2010 (Mickey), October 2010 (Gérard), June 2010 (Fabio),October 2010 (Phyllis). It was nice to hear from these - and, to trigger memories.

Also, once we neared the "double digit" number of "site participants" - I planned on (sometime perhaps in a Winter when golf-time is less) putting up a Weblog/BLOG (I use WordPress to do such) so that participants did not have to go through me for updated comments. This plan was bypassed, as there is no apparent need for a Weblog at this time; a few interactions a year is a manageable matter. Ok! eMail is fine with me.

Previously, in 2010 the May 28, June 15, and October 19 2010 notes from four residents/assignees that I was with in the late 1970s (the first note) and the 1980s and 1990s (the second/third notes) were the first notes - and, they were very nice to receive. I have told the residents that I do not know (yet) what I would do from this-site's perspective -- but, eventually I would (/ might... do something; with permission of the resident or assignee, naturally -- and, I will NEVER place here anyone's eMail ID. Again: Thank you, Walter, Gallus, Fabio, Gérard, Micky, Harry, Mark, Phyllis, Pete, Graham, Georges P and Harald - and others who have come-in with a message as time went on -- for contacting me. If I hear from any other residents or assignees: We will be on track to doing SOMETHING for fun/interest.

I do, of course, hear from people outside of via-this-Website and I always DO enjoy hearing from you. Pierangelo and I, plus Peter Williams interact each holiday time. Always, a pleasure.

Continuing my above comments about photos: Some of you have mentioned putting some photos out on the site. A good idea.... I, just, have to take the time to get into old/dusty storage areas and find the old photos. I love photos (I take "a million" photos of golf courses each year...) so I am used to handling photos on the Web. Sometime, I will take your advice and find old photos and toss them on this site. Why not.... Don't worry, I will not put names to people related to any photos. If you DO send me any photos for the site - please send them as "large/detailed" as possible BPI/DPI... I will take care of them Web-sized-wise. If you send me any snail-mail photos I will scan/etc. them and send them snail-mail back to you. Thanks.

Who are "Walter, Fabio, Gallus, Gérard, Georges P, Harald, Micky, Mark, Pete, Graham and Phyllis"? Read on in this site for more information.

As mentioned above, this site is for my benefit - via potential interaction with those of you with whom I previously worked with and shared experiences with from 1976-to-1998 while working with the IBM Raleigh WTSC.

Since retirement in 1998, I have of course wondered how some of you (residents and assignees) have moved forward with your careers. The experiences that I had with you were terrific: I mean that! All the residencies and assignee-interactions were special and memorable.

"Memorable", however, is a debatable term as I have now reached the age of 80 and beyond. I do remember my first residency (with Domenico) in March, 1976 - and, I remember the projects that I was involved with when I completed my work with IBM in 1998. In between 1976 and 1998: Names are "there" (in-mind), projects are still forefront in my memories - but, specifics are certainly losing their place in my memory bank!

Also, as I continue to be active with the Web/PC world by supporting a few Web sites, I continue to run across projects that I often say to myself: "What a great residency this would be!".

As the above thoughts came to me as 2010 began, I decided to "create" this Web site. The site has been in existence since that time, is very simple, and I am not sure how it will evolve. I will probably add a Weblog - but, I will wait and see how the idea progresses.

Since 1998 and my retirement, I have heard from some of you. That, has been a pleasure. This site, now, may lead to further interactions/"catch up".

Some interesting (to me) ideas for this site include:

  • Finding out how long it takes for residents/assignees that I worked with "find me" and this site!

Ok! I have now heard from 17 people I worked with in the past. For now, this will be the area pointing to such information.

Dave Shogren


Fabio Pondi

Phyllis Godwin

Harry Dutton

Walter Mowat

Mark Hartmann

1980s +

Gallus Schlegel,

Gérard Beugnot,

Micky Reichenberg,

Mark van Stein,

Pete Russell,

Georges Plainecassagne,

Harald Schneider,

Dick Hippert,

Roberto Chamoun,

Alan Stoner,

Ban Lee,

Roberto Shigueo Suzuki,

In January, 2022 I heard from Mike Turin. What a pleasure: I was able to thank Mike personally for what he started and "backed us up" so well over the years. Thank you, Mike Turin!

In November, 2020 I had Bill Tucker contact me. I looked him up in my (yes, I had saved it as I exited IBM) IBM "names" file and he/I had (as far as I could find) never directly interacted -- but, he is willing to be "shown" on this site and I am game for such. Perhaps Search Engines "do their job" and someone for the Poughkeepsie or Palo Alto / Santa Teresa WTSC find him via the following. If so, and someone sends me a note I will get the note to Bill and the matter will take its normal "interaction" course.


Mike Turin,

Bill Tucker,

Perhaps, others of you who DO fit this Website's-mentioned background decide to interact with me do so, we will "catch up" with each other's experiences since last we interacted. Is there any interest in such? Is there any "fun"/"value" in doing that? We won't know until we try.

Perhaps share some experience with "modern" matters, such as:

  • What is the best format for video files to be created in, in today's Web-world?

  • What do people/customers mean when they say they want a "modern" Website?

  • Are social networks such as Google and other's BLOGs, Facebook, Picasa sufficiently meeting the home PC/Web user's and/or small business user's objectives? "Is there a better way"?

Or, some other general topic that might be of joint interest to me and to you.

I realize that many of the residents/assignees that I worked with are still involved with IBM or other enterprises. Certainly, I do not want to involve any of this Website's time / ideas / discussions / matters with your productive work. Don't waste your productive time interfacing with me. Also, there is no reason for anyone to discuss negatives or anything "personal". Life is too short to dwell on anything that we / you cannot do anything about!

I recommend (if I start a Weblog on this site) that you do not use your last names when Blogging/etc.

For now, the way things will work is through eMail. Simply, send me a note and we will move on - or, not move on" just "catch up" - as time moves forward.

This site WILL change as my time allows.

(From Harry Dutton with some additions from me)
Remember the TGWIO Wine Tastings?
(Click on the Plaque or Nameplate to see those in a larger image)
Past days (1982-1987 or so)

Privacy: It is this site's aim to NEVER use, publish or re-distribute any eMail IDs. Likewise, it is intended that anything discussed on this site is impersonal and, via the site, a participant's name/address - or anything such - will never appear on the site. Naturally, I (as owner of the site) will know some specifics; Those specifics will NEVER intentionally be published - anywhere.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. If I hear from you: Terrific!

Dave Shogren

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