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Photos on This Page Last Updated October 12, 2008

This Web page contains golf hole pics of North Ridge CC that have been "recently" added to our Website. I put recently in quotes, as I am not sure how often the page will be updated. It depends upon weather/camera-availability when I am on the golf course and other factors.

It is intended that the next phase of North Ridge photos will be movies of each golf hole. However, I am in the midst of trying to come up with an approach to do that with my limited camera and captured-video editing experience.

The pictures included in this page are also on the primary pictures-of-golf-holes at North Ridge Web page pointed to my this site's navigation page (see the above "About Us, Newsletters, Discussion, Golf Course Pictures' button). As that Web page path presents a multitude of pictures, I decided to repeat the latest-added pictures here for convenience of the viewer.

If you have pictures of North Ridge CC that you feel would contribute to this site: Thank you, in advance, for contacting me.

Dave Shogren, eMail:

October 12, 2008
Oaks 1st Hole Tee

(For printing the above, reference: Oaks1stWhiteTeeOct122008276 )

October 12, 2008
Oaks 11th Hole White Tee

(For printing the above, reference: Oaks11WhiteTeeOct122008277 )

October 12, 2008
Oaks 16th Hole Tee

(For printing the above, reference: Oaks16WhiteTeeOct122008280 )

October 5, 2008
Lakes 10th 3rd Shot

From 125 Yards

(For printing the above, reference: Lakes102ndShotAreaOct05200845 )

October 5, 2008
Lakes 10th Hole Approach Area

(For printing the above, reference: Lakes10ApproachAreaOct05200845 )

October 5, 2008
Lakes 13th Hole Blue Tee (Leftside Placement)

(For printing the above, reference: Lakes13BlueTeeOct05200846 )

October 5, 2008
Lakes 13th Hole Second Shot...

(For printing the above, reference: Lakes132ndShotAreaOct05200847 )

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