Photograph Examples - August, 2007 - from SCScompA

This month we show:

  1. Selected pictures taken during a vacation trip To Scotland, April 2007.
  2. An early look (during construction of) The Castle Course, St. Andrews Links Trust, Scotland.
  3. This month's Great Golf Hole.

Here is a collage of some pictures from this month's example.

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Scanned photographs are scanned at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), 150 or 100 PPI, and the chosen PPI will be identified, if deemed important to do so, in the comments for that particular image.

The following is aimed at showing examples of using a computer system, digital cameras, and perhaps scanners, as part of home computing environment. Hopefully, the shown pictures will give you some ideas for use of your home computer system.

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Selected Pictures Taken During a Vacation Trip To Scotland, April 2007

Those of you who are regular readers of my Newsletters, know that I use my camera a lot during vacation trips. Also, you know that I am fortunate to vacation in Scotland on a near-yearly schedule. Golf/walks -- together with dining -- are the emphasis of such vacations.

Perhaps the following encourage you to visit this wonderful country -- especially if you are a true golfer.

Photos on the following images are clickable. Clicking on any of the shown-images will show that image in a larger-size. Let me know if you want any information about a particular image.

Good luck with your vacation-photo taking. Showing your photos in Web-browser-displayable format can be interesting/easy-to-do and a good way to share your photos with other persons. Plus, when you have viewed the "many" photos -- you may be assisted in which photos to paper-print when that media is desired.

If you are not certain how to do this -- ask for help from a computer-oriented person whom you trust.

An Early Look (During Construction Of) The Castle Course, St. Andrews Links Trust, Scotland

The St Andrews Links (or the St Andrews Links Trust) currently maintains six golf courses in St. Andrews, Scotland, including the Old, New, Jubilee, and Eden courses. They are currently developing another course, located a short car drive away from the current courses (if you are familiar with St. Andrews: The being-developed course is about two miles out of the town of St. Andrews, on the road to Crail).

The course is named: The Castle Course.

During April, 2007 my wife and I were fortunate to be shown the course during its latter-stages of construction. The course is scheduled for play in mid-2008.

If you are interested in seeing some pictures of The Castle Course as of April, 2007 -- click on the following image or on the link to April 2007 Pictures from The Castle Course, St. Andrews

A Great Golf Hole

Two different-style golf holes located in two areas in which I love to play. The difference in how the challenge is (water and land) plus the expansiveness in overall view of a Scotland links-course as compared with a North Carolina parkland-style course is very apparent with these two golf holes.

Both styles of play are very enjoyable!

In the following, both require a carry of around 190 yards to clear the trouble.

Raleigh NC:
Lakes Course 13th Hole 490 Yd Par 5

(The following is clickable)

Scotland: St. Andrews
The New Course: 10th Hole 445 Yd Par 4

(The following is clickable)

If you are a golfer: Thank you, in advance, for taking some photos and sharing your experiences with others.

To contact me about anything on this Web page, please: send mail to: SCScompA@scscompa.com


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