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2011 SGA Match Play Ladder Tournament

2011 Rules and Format of Play

  1. Two Man Teams will be placed in flights on the basis of combined handicaps, with up to 8 teams per flight.
  2. Entry fee of $10 per man will be combined with a 25% matching contribution from the SGA to create a prize pool for each flight (for example, an 8 team flight will have a prize pool of $200).
  3. Monthly matches will be played by each team, beginning in July, until eliminated.
  4. If competing teams fail to complete a match by the end of the month:
    1. Because the members of one team were not available to play on at least 12 days of that month or because one team has otherwise caused the match to not be completed in a timely manner, such team will be disqualified; or -
    2. Because both teams have contributed to the failure to complete their match in a timely manner, a coin flip in the pro shop shall determine which team will be disqualified.

Prize Allocation: The prize pool in each flight will consist of pro shop credit and will be allocated, 50% to the 1st place team, 30% to the 2nd place team, and 20% to the 3rd place team (determined by a consolation playoff in September between the two teams that lose in August). In addition, the winning team in each flight will participate in a one-day playoff in October, to determine who will be awarded the standing trophy as overall tournament champion.

Registration: Teams wishing to participate in this year's tournament should have signed up on the SGA LADDER TOURNAMENT sheet located on the bulletin board in the NRCC Men's locker room on or before June 30, 2011.

  • The 2011 event is a single-elimination Match Play best ball (two-player team) net format with two flights. The winning team in each flight will participate in a one-day playoff in October, to determine who will be awarded the standing trophy as overall tournament champion.

    Match Play rules. Summer Rules.

  • Best ball net and this year's tournament is "difference". That is to say: Subtract the low handicap from the other three participants and take the strokes as they lie.

    When mixed tees are involved, I assume that handicap adjustments take place BEFORE the subtraction mentioned above. White tee gets their handicap as-is, Black tee handicaps are REDUCED by two strokes (from the Black tee handicap) and Blue tee handicaps are INCREASED by two strokes (to the Blue tee handicap). Once this adjustment is done, THEN subtract the lowest handicap from the other player's handicaps and take strokes as they lie.

    If the above is incorrect, let me know. Send mail to:

  • Note: If the day's play does NOT involve mixed-tees, ignore this comment) The standard mixed tee rules should be applied as the default in all matches.

    That is to say: BEFORE subtracting lowest-player's handicap, Blue tee players add 2 handicap strokes, Black tee players subtract two strokes from their Black Tee handicap. Then, do the subtraction of lowest handicap.

  • Play them down and putt them out except when concessions are made/given at your discretion.

  • All matches are to be completed by mid-October, 2011 at the latest.

    Good luck to all 2011 participants!

    (This Web page's contents are dependant upon participants alerting the Webmaster to results as the competition moves forward. Thank you, in advance, for doing so. send event results be eMail to:


Al Spicer and Jim Hickman
Ron Stone and Jim Bledsoe
Dave Mazo and John Purves
Pat Gillespie and Joe Perriccio
Dave Shogren and Shep McKenzie
Norm Chambers and Bob Eyester
Commie Riggsbee and Willis Hedgepeth
Karol Rochelson and Jerry Ettinger
Bill O'Connor and Hugh Grant
Bob White and Don Lynch
George McGregor and Jay Brown
Tom Starr and Chuck Kavcsak


July August September October
Bob White & Don Lynch Pat Gillespie & Joe Perriccio
Dave Shogren & Shep McKenzie
Pat Gillespie & Joe Perriccio
Commie Riggsbee & Willis Hedgepeth
Commie Riggsbee & Willis Hedgepeth

Dave Mazo & John Purves

Congratulations to the
2011 Match Play Champions:

Dave Mazo & John Purves
One-Up winners over Riggsbee & Hedgepeth

Pat Gillespie & Joe Perriccio
Jay Brown & George McGregor Karol Rochelson & Jerry Ettinger
Commie Riggsbee & Willis Hedgepeth
Karol Rochelson & Jerry Ettinger
Norm Chambers & Bob Eyester Dave Mazo & John Purves
Ron Stone & Jim Bledsoe
Dave Mazo & John Purves
Al Spicer & Jim Hickman
Dave Mazo & John Purves
Bill O'Connor & Hugh Grant Tom Starr & Chuck Kavcsak
Al Spicer & Jim Hickman
Tom Starr & Chuck Kavcsak

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