Ok! You found this site. Probably, via a Search Engine.

Basically, this site has not been updated in MANY years. I have been "off into" other things than the original Website that I started here in 1998 and have ignored since the early 2000s.

Since the early 2000s I have been involved in a number of Web-related matters for benefit of me personally while, in some cases, commercially. The "Newsletter" approach of the original site has (as I mentioned above) been totally ignored while doing other matters. The following old/original site is pointed to (below) simply for "archiving" purposes in case Search Engines STILL point to some of its contents.

The easiest way (if you are interested) to get in touch with me is the "Webmaster" link shown at the bottom of this WebPage or by going to any of the following Websites and get in touch with me there.

Good luck with all and
Dave Shogren, Raleigh NC USA

A few sites where you can find my "efforts" if you are interested:
once there, to get in touch with me just eMail "Webmaster" at the particular Domain.
None of the above are officially related to anything other than myself!

If you are looking for what "commercial" sites I am involved with, contact me via the Webmaster link at the bottom of this Web page.

IBM WTSC (My-interest "stuff":

2008-2022 Stuff from NRCC Senior Mens Golf
(Again: My-interest "stuff"): 2008-2022 North Ridge CC Stuff of My Interest

Selected Scotland Golf/Vacation Photos
(Again: My-interest "stuff"):

VERY Old Stuff
(Started in 1999 and not
updated since early 2000s):
Old Stuff - VERY Old Stuff

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